Bridge Collapse In Siwan Creates Panic; 2nd Incident In Bihar This Week

Bridge Collapse In Siwan Creates Panic; 2nd Incident In Bihar This WeekPatna:

The sudden collapse of a bridge in Bihar’s Siwan today caused widespread panic and uproar in the area. The collapse of the bridge over the Gandak canal occurred with a loud noise that was heard till the neighbouring Ramgarh in Darbhanga district.

Initial reports indicate no casualties from the incident. A video capturing the moment of the bridge’s collapse has surfaced, highlighting the severity of the structural failure. The bridge, which connected the markets of Patedhi Bazar in Maharajganj district with Ramgarh Panchayat in Darbhanga, served as a crucial link for thousands of commuters daily.

Residents have expressed outrage over the negligence that led to the collapse, pointing out that the bridge was quite old and had not been maintained properly since its construction nearly 40 years ago during the canal’s development phase. The improper handling during the canal’s construction led to erosion around the bridge pillars, eventually causing one of them to collapse.

The collapse has completely cut off access across the Gandak canal, forcing residents to travel long distances to reach neighbouring villages.

The incident comes just days after a similar incident in Araria, where a concrete bridge over the Bakra River, built after spending crores, came apart in seconds. Visuals showed the bridge, over the fast-flowing river, tilted on one side and a crowd gathered on the banks near the bridge, recording the moment it collapsed. Built at Rs 12 crore, the bridge collapsed before its inauguration.

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