Can AI Cameras Stop School Shootings? US Schools Test New Technology

Can AI Cameras Stop School Shootings? US Schools Test New Technology

A team of military veterans, has developed a human-verified AI gun detection solution.

In an effort to bolster school safety after a rise in shootings nationwide, lawmakers in US state of Kansas are proposing the use of AI-powered camera systems to detect firearms on school grounds. The technology, developed by ZeroEyes, a firm founded by military veterans, would trigger alerts for human verification by former law enforcement and military personnel before dispatching authorities.

This proposal comes after a surge in school shootings, with 2021, 2022, and 2023 recording the highest numbers since at least 2008, according to CNN. In 2023 alone, there were at least 82 incidents, with 2022 being particularly deadly with 46 fatalities.

According to a report by Interesting Engineering, Kansas may offer up to $5 million in grants to equip schools with these AI-backed cameras. However, approval by Governor Laura Kelly is pending, and schools would need to meet specific criteria. These include using patented technology, attaining the “qualified anti-terrorism technology” designation, adhering to security industry standards, and possessing the capability to detect a minimum of 300 subclassifications within three broad firearm categories and at least 2,000 permutations.

ZeroEyes’ technology was inspired by the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. The company is currently the only one to qualify for similar state firearm detection programmes implemented in 2023 by Michigan and Utah, with legislation passing earlier this year in Florida and Iowa. Proposals are also underway in Colorado, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. Missouri became the latest state to approve such measures last Friday, allocating $2.5 million in matching grants for schools to purchase ZeroEyes’ AI system.

With school safety a growing concern following high-profile shootings like the Virginia Tech massacre (32 fatalities, December 2023) and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (27 fatalities, second deadliest), these AI camera systems are being presented as a potential solution for early threat detection and prevention. However, the legislation in Kansas is still pending approval by the governor.

How does this technology work?

Detection: ZeroEyes uses existing security cameras to watch live video feeds for any signs of firearms.

Verification: If ZeroEyes spots a possible firearm, a technician in the ZeroEyes Operations Center (ZOC) quickly checks the image. Technicians only look at images where a firearm might be present.

Response: Once a technician confirms a firearm, ZeroEyes instantly (usually within 3-5 seconds) alerts school administrators and law enforcement, providing details on the number of suspected shooters and their location.

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